2013-05-02 19.29.08I’m Clare and welcome to my blog about life on my plot on the lovely Moneyfields Allotments  site in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

One of my fondest childhood memories is watching my grandad do the gardening at the weekend. I would help by doing a spot of weeding, and also amuse myself by catching poor unsuspecting insects. These were usually slugs that I trapped under a yogurt pot behind the shed. I would always be amazed to find they had escaped the next day!

Since  that tender age of seven I’ve always loved plants, being outdoors and watching things grow.  The first plants I remember ‘growing’ were some carrot tops on an upturned margarine lid on the kitchen window sill.

Six years ago I put my name on the allotment waiting list at the council. Two years ago, I became the proud tenant of Plot 217 and most weekends (and even a few weekday evenings!) I can be seen in my wellies, usually covered in soil!

It’s taken me ages to clear the plot of all the weeds and rubbish, so April 2013 marks my first proper growing season and a good place to start my blog.

As a former journalist for a local paper, I still absolutely adore writing and so this blog is my way of bringing my two loves together. I hope you enjoy reading about my plot progress, it’s the start of  a beautiful journey! 

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