A glorious couple of hours at the plot today: shortly after I arrived the sun popped his head out and the whole plot was bathed in warm and soothing syrupy rays. I do love the quality of early evening sunshine; by 6pm it’s lost the haziness of early morning, the harshness of midday and gives you the feeling of lying in a warm bubble bath or sipping a good glass of red wine!

I haven’t been to the plot for a few days, and in my absence it seems the flower fairy has sprinkled a little glittery dust and worked her wonders! There’s no stopping the potatoes, my rows are sporting bushy hairstyles and looking very perky! I was however a little concerned to find that some of the leaves are starting to turn pale yellow. I can’t find a definitive answer as to whether this is a disease or whether it’s a sign my spuds are almost ready to be dug up.

At first glance my asparagus bed looked like it was just covered with weeds, but upon closer inspection I spotted a small but definite spear which has drilled its way with determination to the surface! Just the one crown, but hopefully the other two are not far behind. Still waiting for for signs of carrots, beetroot and parsnip.

Today I planted eight runner bean plants around their wigwam, and while preparing the holes was pleased to see that the peas my plot neighbour gave me last time are starting their journey up the smaller wigwams, so it’s all go!

My pear tree, which is the weaker of all the trees I planted is now showing signs of leaves and I’ve also planted two courgette plants. I spent some time raking the brassica bed last time, but didn’t quite get round to sowing any seeds tonight, that will be tomorrow’s job.

I looked back this evening and I realised that it was actually starting to look like a proper plot, and standing there basking in the sunshine, I felt such a sense of pride and satisfaction. I just hope the produce tastes good!

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