Good neighbours

Last week I learned that it pays to know your plot neighbours and chat to them. Previously I’d popped down to do some bits and bobs, like you do, but going to open the shed realised the key for the padlock had disappeared.

After frantically searching my bag, my pocket, the keyring again to see if it had magically appeared and then back to my bag, I asked the chap on the plot next to me if he had a screwdriver. He seemed amused (in a kind way) by my carelessness and came over to try to take the handle  off, but the one-step-ahead designers had obviously thought about this and inserted a clever something on the other side to deter would-be crims.

I said thank you, thought nothing more of it and decided I would need to borrow some bolt cutters and then buy another padlock. Not  a catastrophe more a minor irritation.  I walked back head down, still looking in vain for the tiny key. 

A few days later I returned and miraculously, the key was in the padlock. I did think at this stage I was going slightly mad, had I left it there all along? Was there an allotment fairy – the same one responsible for my potatoes?

It transpired later in the week that another plot holder had been walking along and spotted the key glinting in the sunlight. My aforementioned neighbour overheard and said it might be mine, and having tried it, they kindly left it in the lock for me.  I was quite touched when my plot neighbour told me and thanked him. If only this good old-fashioned good neighbourliness could extend everywhere,  the world would be a much nicer place!

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