A busy bee

Not much writing recently because I’ve been too busy on the plot! I can report that after my recent potato pain, I spotted some tufts of leaves in several places along my rows of earlies. Following  verification I can reveal that they are indeed potato plants – cue a huge sigh of relief! If there is one thing I’m learning it’s that patience is definitely a virtue when it comes to growing.

A friend at work has kindly given me a blackberry plant which  I’m training against some old metal barriers that I found on the plot when I first arrived – I knew they would come in handy some day! I’m now waiting for my strawberry seeds to come along in the conservatory, but I may have to cheat and buy a couple from the garden centre as my seeds are dawdling somewhat (mmm, what did I say about patience being a virtue?)

My herb patch is coming on nicely.  A couple of weeks ago I was on an errand in the lovely city of Chichester where I work, when I spotted the ‘Herb Man’ from North Mundham. I was flitting past when I spotted a camomile plant, I love camomile tea and thought it would make a lovely addition to the plot. I selected some fennel and also some hissup, which I’ve never heard of but it looked pretty and the label said it was attractive to butterflies. They are now getting acquainted with the rest of the gang.

My poor flower bed has been buffeted dreadfully by the wind the last couple of days; instead of happy, smiling faces my pansies look thoroughly fed up, rather like a family on a soggy, cold camping holiday but determined to


carry on. By comparison,  my sunflowers look annoyingly cheerful having stretched and jumped out of bed at the first sound of the alarm, while back home in the seedy conservatory my courgettes are equally enthusiastic.

Carrots and beetroot have also been sown, I’m currently working my way along to the brassica bed. Once again I’ve not read instructions properly and sowed onions and leeks in some pots at home, and realised that it’s best to sow them directly then thin out. Whoops – still, I’m learning!

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