Peas and pallets

I managed to get a stint in on Sunday just before the heavens opened for the afternoon, which was handy as I’m sure my freshly sown peas, a row of Autumn King carrots and some parsnips all appreciated the rain!

I’d just finished a wigwam of peas when the lady on the plot next to me offered me a second wigwam’s worth, which she had cunningly started off already using some moist kitchen towel – ‘it’s what I do when I’m late!’ she said. She also very kindly offered me several strawberry plants if I wanted them, my own are only just poking their heads out of the compost, so I think I’ll take her up on her offer next time.

One evening about a month ago I was digging away when I got talking to a chap who is on the association comittee. I mentioned I was hoping to get my hands on some wooden pallets so I could create a compost area (I have three of the cone varieties but to be honest, I find it really difficult to get the compost out as they are the old style ones without the removable flap at the bottom). He said he would keep an eye out for me and as good as his word, he found five and delivered them to my plot at the end of last week. I wasn’t really expecting them so I was very excited to see the new arrival and start planning my next infrastructure project!

People on the site are so helpful, there is such a lovely atmosphere and sense of cooperation, it makes me very Last Night of the Proms-style  proud to be part of it. It’s okay though, I don’t go around waving the Union Jack or doing that funny bobbing up and down to Pomp and Circumstance!

I remember when I used to get excited about new clothes, reading the NME and listening to the latest Indie album I’d purchased, now it’s all potatoes (they are coming on nicely now by the way) pallets and soil and looking in skips for any unwanted concrete flags and bricks to build my path with. It’s still rock n’roll, just a different sort, that’s all!

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