Compost corner

It’s been busy of late, so not much time spent on the plot and as a consequence, not much blogging either, am now back at the plot proper this week.

I recently decided that my pile of prized pallets has been taking up too much room, so I got cracking creating Clare’s Compost Corner.  Over the bank holiday weekend I got knee deep in soil as I  turned out the three cyclindrical bins which I will now cut up and use for growing rhubarb and squashes and anything else that takes my fancy (always recycling see!).

Before I could get with construction, I had to prepare the ground and dig through all the compost that has been sitting there for the last year or so. I wasn’t looking forward to it because I knew that amongst all the soil were lots of non- compost items. I mentioned a few posts ago that when I took the plot on it was a mess, and seemed to have been treated as a landfill site. Since then I’ve spent many painstaking hours picking through the soil  and removing all manner of things, resulting in umpteen trips to the waste and recycling centre.  Over the last couple of weeks my attention has turned to the existing compost heap, here is a list (not exhaustive) of items I’ve found while picking through it:

  • Numerous plastic carrier bags
  • Hundreds of tiny bits of plastic
  • Milk bottle tops
  • Dozens of tearaway sections off cat food sachets
  • Chocolate bar wrappers
  • Several teaspoons
  • Artificial flowers
  • Festive glitter shapes
  • Lengths of wire
  • Lengths of plastic string
  • Pieces of foil
  • Ties from milk bottles
  • Shoelaces
  • Material
  • Decomposed carpet (with nasty plastic backing)
  • Lids off plastic containers
  • Pieces of glass
  • Pieces of polysterene
  • The spongy stuff you put flower arrangements in

The list goes on and on, and I’m sure like me you’re wondering ‘what on earth were those people thinking?’

The good news is that I’ve removed every scrap of plastic I could see and been able to level off the ground (I’ve not spread the compost on the plot because of what was in it) and construct the new bins. I just need to add my first layer of organic material and take three bags of rubbish to the tip now!

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