A grave situation

I’m a little worried that people think I’ve been using my plot to ‘hide’ people I don’t like! A couple of weeks ago I planted some asparagus crowns, and to be honest, the bed looks more like a grave and I think the crowns are a bit miffed. I keep checking the grave – sorry, bed –  for signs of life, but the crowns obviously thought they were doomed before they even started. Oh dear.

RIP Asparagus. They could have afforded a better headstone.

RIP Asparagus (they could have afforded a better headstone though!)

And ‘oh dear’ is exactly what can be said for my spuds too. They seem to have got lost. There is no sign of them whatsoever, no shoots, nothing, zilch. And I was told it’s easy to grow them.

My sister Philippa has been doing some gardening recently and told me she’d planted some potatoes with her hubby using the no-dig method (why didn’t I know about this method before?).

When I asked whether they’d come up yet I was dismayed to hear her cheerfully say that after just a few days yes the shoots were already poking through the earth and happily growing. ‘Oh right’, I said, crestfallen.

I’m not sure about potato blight,  I think I’ve blighted the potatoes.

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  1. yours will take longer to come up! but you should get more, hopefully they will pop out as if by magic soon!

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