Treesy does it

As I mentioned previously I’ve been keen to plant some additional fruit trees a) because I love fruit! and b) to help create a plot which attractive to wildlife and in particular provide some much-needed nosh for our humble bees.

So, after a two-hour stint at the plot on Thursday and soaking in all this beautiful sunshine,  I now have an Elstar apple tree and a Comice pear (tree which are nicely situated in line with my young cherry tree, which I’m excited to reveal is now in leaf!

My new trees were purchased for the bargain price of £6 each from a well-known supermarket chain and I have to say I was very impressed with the quality and size of the plants. I do love gardening centres but a glance at some of the price labels often results in a sharp intake of breath, so I’m always on the lookout for quality items at bargain prices!

After digging two large holes and chucking in some well-rotted manure, I put a large bamboo cane in each hole and then made sure the roots of the trees were nicely spread out before filling in with one spade of manure to each spade of existing soil and then watering in well. They look superb and I’m now on the hunt for a plum tree as a lovely chap with a plot a bit further down said I must have one! 

I’ve always wanted to grow my own fruit trees and experience the simple pleasure of gently twisting a plump, perfectly swelled apple from its branch and biting into the juicy flesh, savouring the satisfying taste of golden summer.

Speaking of summer, the whole site is really starting to come to life now, with fruit trees bursting into blossom wherever you look. The cherry trees add a splash of fairground joy to each plot, making me think of tufts of candyfloss while the pretty apple blossom looks as soft as cotton wool. It’s literally buzzing with life: most plot holders have now emerged from hibernation and are furiously digging, raking and mulching while the bees are making the most of the sun and drinking themselves silly on the blossom trees!

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