If Columbo had an allotment…

…I have no doubt he would hold his hand up in that inimitable way of his and say: “Just one more thing!” I know this because it’s exactly what I do every time I visit my plot!

I usually give myself two hours per visit because otherwise in my enthusiasm I overdo it and then wonder why I’m so tired. As I’m clearing up though, I always spot a ‘five-minute job’ that needs doing and off I go again for another half hour or an hour and while engrossed in that particular duty I’ll spy another task that ‘won’t take long’ –  the allotment is definitely addictive and I could easily spend all day there without noticing the hours pass by.

Last week I spent a couple of hours after work raking my root veg bed in preparation for sowing some carrot seeds. The soil is really horrible at the moment, it’s really parched on top and then sticky underneath, so digging is quite an effort, although I’m definitely exercising my core muscles (who needs the gym?!)

I do like raking: I find the pushing and pulling and gentle tap tap tapping strangely hypnotic and I love seeing the large clods of earth shrink and gradually disappear. After a busy day at work it’s quite a relaxing process and at the end, even though I’d only completed half the bed I enjoyed a real sense of  satisfaction, although the soil wasn’t as fine as I’d intended.  Still,  a good result for my first seed bed.  I didn’t actually get round to sowing the carrot seeds as it became rather gusty unfortunately so this is a job I’ve pencilled in for next week.

My first seed bed

My first seed bed

And in my bid to play catch-up, I’ve also been busy sowing seeds in trays at home.  I’m eagerly awaiting the first signs of courgettes, onions (red and white) and some strawberries. I’ve a feeling I’m quite late with this, but since the frost is making an unwelcome appearance this weekend (will the weather ever settle down?) I’m glad I haven’t planted much so far,  and I’m still  hopeful that I’ll have some produce to show off this year!

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