Spuds are go!

After two years I’ve finally planted my first spuds – hurray! After Super Shed Saturday a couple of weeks ago this is the second biggest highlight so far and one which I feel is of Olympic proportions.

Two rows of earlies went in (Pentland Javelin) although they are quite late (!) and tomorrow I have a maincrop variety (Maris Piper I think) to plant out, along with some asparagus and some garlic.

I was in a panic earlier as I couldn’t remember whether you should add a sprinkling of well rotted manure when planting them or not, so I did and from what I’ve read I think I did the right thing.

The more I read the more confused I get. Oh well, time will tell. Hopefully something will happen and I’ll be lucky enough to see some shoots poking their heads above the soil in a few weeks. My first row was a little wibbly wobbly so for the second I lay a long board down and followed the line so the row would have at least the semblance of straightness.

I was in such a rush to get to the plot this evening that I thought I’d forgotten my tape measure so I could correctly space  the potatoes . When I couldn’t find it I looked for something that was about a ruler’s length. Typically, once the first row was finished I found the tape measure and discovered I’d grossly over-spaced them. Bother.

On the basis of that I’ve decided it’s going to be very much a ‘stick it in the ground, see how it goes’ kind of year. My policy from now on is to aim low so that anything – anything at all – will be an achievement that I can sing about.

It always amazes me how quickly time goes. I tried to get to the plot as soon after work as possible, arriving at just gone 6pm, but the two hours I spent there disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Seeds of success - hopefully

Seeds of success – hopefully

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