Chitting hell!

My big plan at the weekend was to plant out my chitted seed potatoes, but I feel that the shoots are still a little on the short side and eager as I am, I really ought to wait a smidgeon longer.

I read that egg boxes are the best vessel for chitting, but every week since Christmas I have been forgetting to save my boxes, tearing them up for the compost heap instead, so I suppose at least they have been helping me in some way.

Not wanting to spend lots of money on special trays that will probably break anyway, I instead found a couple of terracotta bulb planters in the shed at home and gently rested the potatoes on scrunched up balls of newspaper. Probably completely unorthodox, but hey, they are still alive so that’s the main thing!

Kind friends and family have furnished me with a library of excellent books on allotments and kitchen gardening, including one by the lovely Alan T, but no matter how much I pour over them, I still make mistakes! Initially, instead of placing the seedy Ps in an area flooded with natural light, I misread the instructions and just put them in the shed – I was concentrating too hard on protecting them from frost!

I only realised my error a couple of weeks ago, and promptly kicked myself in annoyance – I just hope I haven’t completely ruined them. They are now in the kitchen under the skylight, and I can’t walk past them without checking to see if the shoots have grown a little more. I fear I’ll be singing to them next – that will definitely ruin them!

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