Flower power

Although my plot is primarily for growing fruit and veg, it’s always nice to have a few flowers as well! After the excitement of last weekend’s shed construction I wanted to make the side of the structure near the path look a little more attractive and welcoming (allotments are functional but I also think should be pretty too).
During my many months of digging, I’ve found numerous large stones and never one to throw anything useful away, I thought they would come in handy at some point and in the meantime have been using them to weigh some tarpaulins.
After planting some herbs a couple of days ago, I had brainwave: I would use them to create a flower border around the shed. I bought some reduced pansies, daffs and violas from the local flower shop and at the weekend I planted them out, and I have to say it looks rather effective, and once they fill out a bit the area will look very jolly indeed! 
For Christmas my brother gave me a several packets of seeds, including sunflowers. These have now been sown so they will grow up against both sides of the shed. I love sunflowers, they are such an explosion of joy and their large round heads never fail to make me smile.
My recent efforts haven’t gone unnoticed: another plotholder (who is also on the allotment association committee) was driving past today and stopped to wind down her window to say it was looking ‘very pretty – a woman’s touch’ which made my day!

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