Nature’s pop stars

One of the things I love most about being on my plot is hearing and seeing all the birds and other animals.

There is a very sweet and friendly Robin who visits regularly, checking up on my progress and is a very merry little fellow indeed. Often I forget what I’m doing and spend ages just watching him dart from one plot to another.

A couple of foxes can often be seen brazenly inspecting the plots. They don’t like to make eye contact though, and are quick to scurry away if they spot me looking at them.

While moving a compost heap one day I accidentally disturbed a nest of shrews and then found several toads, happily taking a mud bath!

City gardens tend to be so full of concrete now (not mine, of course, I still like the idea of having that thing they call grass!) that you don’t often get to appreciate the beauty of birdsong. The Robin in particular has a lovely song to sing, and I’m always partial to the Blackbird’s latest release.

So when I’m down on the plot, I always make sure I take the time to listen – after all, it’s nature’s free concert!

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